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   John Gerhard Nieland Family – about 1914

This is John Gerhard Nieland (1840-1919) at age 74 with several of his children and grandchildren.

Front row: John Gerhard Nieland, Franz Josef Nieland (1882-1972) holding daughter, Maria Nieland (1912-2003), Bernard Nieland (1911-2001), Elizabeth Nieland (1909-2003), Antonette (Rommelswinkel) Nieland (1888-1945) holding infant, Gerhard Johannes William Nieland, Bernard Rommelswinkel (Antonette's father ).

Back row: Maria Bernadine (Nieland) Finke (1888-1980), possibly Elizabeth (Nieland) Wiemelt (1867-1947), and younger brother of Antonette. .

Thank you Tillie (Nieland) Hölter for providing this photo!

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